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Retirement Planning

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  1. The expectation of a significant change in your income and/or life style due to a job promotion, a change of jobs or retirement.
  2. Any correspondence from federal, state or local taxing authorities.
  3. Drawing from or rolling over your retirement plan or IRA.
  4. Taking distributions from an estate, particularly tax-deferred inheritances.
  5. Cashing in insurance policies or annuities.
  6. Buying, selling or exchanging your personal residence or any other real property during the tax year.
  7. Contemplating making large gifts or charitable contributions (cash, real estate, or other property.)
  8. Starting or purchase of a business.
  9. Questions about a major purchase (for example, buying vs. leasing a car).
  10. If you need a friendly voice to talk to, please call. No issue is too small when you need advice.

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Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Return: 1040

Tax Returns for Partnerships: 1065

Tax Returns for Corporate Income: 1120

Corporate Income Tax Return for an S Corp: 1120S

Tax Return Fiduciary Income Estates and Trusts: 1041

Tax Return for Estate Tax on Descendent’s Estate: 706

Avoid Tax Troubles

It is far more preferable to work with you BEFORE the transactions are complete so that all choices and tax consequences can be reviewed.

Budgeting Tip: Pay Yourself First

Living paycheck to paycheck is stressful – but many of us feel we have no other choice. Yet, a systematic monthly investment of as little as $25 can add up to thousands over the years. Starting small shifts your focus from spending to saving. Getting started may be the hardest part. If you don’t pay yourself first, who else will?


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